English Composition 101 Essay One: Place Narrative or Object Narrative

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English Composition 101 Essay One: Place Narrative or Object Narrative

To narrate means to tell a story or a group of related stories to illustrate a main idea. Narration is a powerful way to capture the attention of an audience. It helps us learn more about ourselves as we tell our story, and it helps us learn more about the world around us as we discover our place in it. Narration has been used since prehistoric times as a means of telling a community’s important stories. For this assignment you will be writing your own narrative, a story from your life.

You will begin by reading example narratives in our text that explore the importance of the objects and places in our lives and the roles they have played in shaping our experiences. Once you have read the assignments, you will need to begin to think of the places and the items that have held great significance in your own life and the stories that bring to light their meaning. These things and places can help to tell the stories of who we were, who we are, and who we hope to be. They are the framework for our most important experiences. Your essay will utilize an object or a place as its main focus to tell a tale from your life—a story with meaning and import, not just to you, but for others as well.

As you write, do not forget to bear your audience in mind—your audience is not only your professor and peers, but an academic audience in general. In this assignment it will be crucial for you to remember your audience knows nothing about your or your story and needs to be immersed into your experience. It is also crucial to remember that you are writing to them—this hypothetical audience, not to or for yourself. Your purpose should be oriented to giving them a particular experience.

Finally, please remember, a key to a successful narrative is focus. You much choose the most important and appropriate characters, descriptions, images, and moments. Usually, you do not need to tell the whole story. Often the narrower your focus the better.

The final essay should be no less than five FULL pages and must be submitted in MLA format (see the example in the “START HERE” tab. Only your own words and ideas should be used for this essay. No outside sources are permitted. You must submit a draft of this essay on the date listed on your syllabus and a final copy that has been revised according to your instructor’s feedback on the date listed on your syllabus. Be sure to review all policies pertaining to late and plagiarized work.

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