Electoral College (see instructions for questions)

Paper instructions:
Electoral College Research Paper
In light of our recent Presidential election, many questions have been raised about the Electoral College.
You will write a paper on this topic answering the following questions. You must use at least three
SCHOLARLY sources (not Wikipedia or an Encyclope
dia) in your paper. You will cite your sources using
Chicago format or Turabian
format, not MLA or APA. There are examples listed in the Research
Paper Module on Canvas.
Please double

space your paper, and use Times Roman font size 12.
Word co
unt must be 750

1250 words, not counting the notes and Bibliography.
Type the word count on
the first page of the paper (not including notes or Bibliography)
You need to ha
ve either
footnotes or endnotes
for every citation.
You need a separate
page that lists all the materials you looked at even if you did not use
them in the paper.
Authors are listed in order by their last name.
You do not need a cover page
What is the Electoral College?
How and when was it established?
Why was
it established?
Are electors required to vote for the candidate who won the election in his/her state? Why or why not?
How many times has a candidate won the majority vote, but not won the Presidential election?
What are the pros and cons of keeping the
Electoral College system?
What are the pros and cons of getting rid of the Electoral College system?
Now that you have done your research, w
hat is your own educated position regarding the Electoral
College? Why do you feel this way?

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