Effects of drugs on the youths

Effects of drugs on the youths
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Chengyou Jiang

Effects of drugs on the youths
Drugs use has been a major social problem that has been affecting the teenagers. Some of the major drugs that teenagers consume include marijuana and alcohol. This topic is important as there is need for the relevant stakeholders to be aware of the effects of drug abuse among the teenagers. Knowing the effects can help in coming up with strategies necessary to address the social problem. The substance abuse among the youth has been posing a serious challenge in the society. For instance, the teenagers abusing drugs have been engaged in crime related activities while others drop out of school hence becoming a social problem that need to be addressed. This paper will be exploring the effects of drug abuse among the youths.
Affects brain development
According to Peterson, et al, (2006) drug abuse among the teenagers has effects on their brain development. The normal adolescent brain development can be affected by the use of drugs when young. The drugs cause damage to brain cells that can result in permanent brain damage. The effects of the brain development of drugs can include challenges in formulating strategies, controlling impulses and allocating attention. This can result in change of behavior among the teenagers where some can engage in criminal activities.
Alteration in perceptions
Compton and Volkow, (2006) argued that the abuse of drugs among the youths has long term implications that can include perceptual changes. This can result in emotional complications where the teenagers abusing drugs can develop unnecessary worry or fear. The affected teenagers can then suffer from psychological stress that can affect their daily life negatively. For example, marijuana changes perception hence the teenagers abusing the drug are emotional, fearful, often inaccurate and defensive.
Change in behaviors
The youths abusing drugs are likely to have bad behavior. The drugs make the teenagers uncontrollable and develop ideas that are in most cases against the norms of the society. For example, some of the teenagers who are drug addicts are likely to reduce their commitment towards education (Parsai, et al, 2009). The academic performance of the teenagers who abuse drugs is low because of lack motivation and bad behavior at school. Drug abuse among the youths develops a behavioral problems can be a learning obstacle hence interfering with the academic performance.
Poor health and accidents
Drug abuse among the youths results in poor health and accidents. For example, many accidents are associated with drug abuse that causes poor judgment (De Hert, et al, 2012). It is through the poor judgment and decision making that the drug addicts are likely to increase the death risk through accidents, illness and suicide.
Drug abuse among the youths has been a major challenge in the society in numerous ways. For example, the teenagers who abuse drugs are likely to engage in bad behaviors where many drop out of school (Parsai, et al, 2009). Also, the health of the youths who are drug addicts in most cases is poor with many teenagers exposing themselves in activities that put their life at risk.


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