Eating disorders

Paper instructions:
Assignment Essay

This essay is 10 pages in length excluding the bibliography. You can choose any topic you would like related to Eating Disorders except for topics that are specifically focused on medical issues.

Suggestions for topics include:
1. Eating disorders and diversity.
2. Eating disorders and families.
3. Eating disorders and sexual abuse.
4. Eating disorders and athletes.
5. Describe different treatment models e.g. cognitive behavioural treatment of bulimia, family therapy, intensive programs.
6. How do eating disorders affect a woman’s ability to parent?
7. The ethical issues associated with compulsory treatment.
8. Prevention of eating disorders or weight related issues.

Writing Guidelines: Your papers should be written in 12 point size with margins of 1 inch and double-spaced. Use a minimum of 8 references, using APA referencing. You may use course articles, as well as other academic materials, as your references.

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