Please discuss the following question. Try and keep your original response essay to the question to between 250 and 300 words. Please use historical examples from your readings (lecture lessons and common reader) in this original essay. You are required to cite your textbook or outside sources using parenthetical citation (author, page number) or using Turabian style footnotes. Please put your source(s) at the end of your essay (if using footnotes) and always include a bibliography. Finally, please try to support your essay using examples or sources different from your fellow classmates. 

Please restate the question verbatim you are answering before your response. Please restate my follow-up question verbatim as well.

How did India respond to the threat posed by the growing power of the Mongols, Turks, or Muslims? How did Muslim leaders deal with the diversity of religious belief in India? How did the influence from these outside groups change Indian society in the Medieval period? 

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