diabetes management in uninsured or low income adult muslim patients in a clinic in maryland

Paper instructions:
Provide an overview of the problem. Describe the population and setting (such as patients with hypertension at XYZ Care, a large suburban group practice; members of EasyCare Managed Care Plan in New York State; patients 40-65 with diabetes at Family Community Health Centers. Discuss which aspects of the root cause analysis you plan to address, along with your rationale. Write, SMART objectives for your initiative. Describe the intervention and how it will be implemented. Describe how you will evaluate the intervention and how you will know if the intervention improved the health status of your target population in your setting. Use the literature and content from the readings to support your paper. (Tip- It helps you address the components and keep the paper organized if you use the title of each of these components as section headers in your paper.)
1 Overview and background of the problem. Summarize key points including the prevalence of the problem. Describe the problem (not just diabetes, but diabetes primary prevention? early detection and treatment? Management?) Identify the population and the setting (a group practice, a managed care plan, a home health agency, etc) that is responsible for the population.
2 Identify which root causes you will address and your rationale for selecting these issues. Define the problem further (such as diabetes management due to patient ambivalence and lack of guideline treatment by providers)
3 SMART objectives. Call them objectives in the paper. We call them “SMART” as a way to teach the components. This is where you identfiy the the purpose of your intervention, what your intervention is to achieve. List the objectives (numbered bullets). Do not put the measures here: those will go in the evaluation plan
4 Evidence-based population-based interventions (and it is never just “patient education”.) Describe what you will do for the patient, provider, and/or system factors identified in the root cause synopsis.
5 Evaluation plan to determine if the interventions worked. Here you include your measures and how data will be collected. Also describe how results will be used for continuous improvement. Include process and outcome assessments.

please use at least 4 references

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