Customer Service Profession

Paper instructions:
Customer satisfaction surveys are one-way customers can be “heard.” Design a project which includes a 10-question customer satisfaction survey using a tool such as Survey Monkey or another survey tool. Have at least five (5) external customers (yes, you have these) participate in your survey. Include in your project a description of the project, what you hoped to find out/accomplish, the actual survey link (so I can see the questions), an analysis of your data, and ideas for ongoing service improvement based on what you learned from the survey data.


– The project must be set up in a logical and understandable fashion. A comprehensive project of this nature should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.
-In the introduction, the project should be described as an overview along with what you are researching, discussing, or seeking to accomplish (as applicable to the project.)
1- The body is where you explain your research, findings, and details of the project, etc. as applicable to the project.
2- The conclusion summarizes the results, talks about next steps, discusses what to do with the information, wraps up the report/presentation etc. as applicable to the project.

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