Cultural Transformations of the Sixties

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Cultural Transformations of the Sixties

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: The Dinner Party Script
Option 2: 60s Time Capsule Presentation

Option 1: The Dinner Party Script

You have been hired by Sonic Pictures to write a script of a scene in their new upcoming movie, The Transformative Sixties. The scene is a dinner party at a New York socialite’s home. Your scene includes a conversation at a large table with attendees from various backgrounds.

Select two people from the three lists below (A,B,C) who will be seated at the table in your scene.
Select two events from each of the events list.
Use the matrix below to organize the individuals and events you have selected.
Research the people and events you have selected and start to visualize the scene.
Write a script, using the template on the last page with the suggested word counts for each section. Be sure to include specific historical details from your research.
Post your references for each event/person on a separate page at the end of your script.

Attendees Lists

List A
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Richard Nixon

List B
Martin Luther King
A freedom rider
Rosa Parks
Malcom X
Robert Kennedy

List C
Betty Friedan
Student from SNCC
Cesar Chevez
Vine Deloria, Jr.
Gloria Steinam
Allen Ginsbur

Event Lists

List A
Kennedy’s social and economic policy
The Great Society
Cuban Missile Crisis
Bay of Pigs
Vietnam (The Tet-68 Offensive)

List B
March on Washington (1963)
Greensburo Sit-ins
Freedom Rides
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Black Power

List C
Roe v. Wade
Alcatraz Red Power Movement or American Indian Movement (AIM)
Brown Berets
Feminine Mystique
Ms. Magazine

Person or Event Significance Reference

Option 2: 60s Time Capsule Presentation

You are a research historian for the National Museum of American History. The year is 1969. You have been assigned to head up the time capsule project. The time capsule should contain events, influential people, and various movements from the 60s. This collection needs to include a variety of social, political, and economic materials from the 1960s. For example, you might include the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham Jail, a photograph from the Woodstock Festival, the Watergate tapes, or a painting from Andy Warhol. The time capsule will be dug up in 2060, so try to select items that represent a cross-section of American society in the 1960s.

Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.
Select six objects representing the 1960s. Each slide should have one image and an explanation (200 words) to why this event/person/object was selected for the time capsule.
Include two sources for this assignment.
Format your presentation consistent with appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

The Transformative Sixties
[Scene title]
written by [Your name]

Scene: [set up your scene: who, what, where, and when; this should be about 100-150 words]

Dialogue [about 700 to 1,050 words]

Character 1:

Character 2:

Summarize and end the scene: [100-150 words]


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