counseling theories of their choice

Paper instructions:
write a research paper based on 2 identified counseling theories of their choice. This paper must encompass a comprehensive literature review of the chosen theories and be written in a way that compares and contrasts such theories in six key components. The paper must not be longer than 10 content pages (excludes title page, abstract, and reference list) and follow APA style. It should include a comprehensive review of the literature published in journals or books (at least 10 recent references dated 2000 or later, no websites, ERIC citations, or newspaper articles).

Introduction: Write a brief introduction section giving an overview of the paper and stating which approaches you chose to discuss.
Fundamental Assumptions: Describe the fundamental assumptions of theory 1 and theory 2. Keep in mind that your goal is to demonstrate that you have a basic working knowledge of both approaches. If you want, you can also talk about how the two approaches are used to address a particular type of problem, such as substance abuse or anxiety disorder. This is not required though. Some people chose to do that because it can be easier to find articles on how an approach is applied to treat a particular population than articles just describing an approach.
Views of Normal/Abnormal Behavior: Compare and contrast the two approaches in terms of their views of normal/abnormal behavior.
Assessment of Normal/Abnormal Behavior: Compare and contrast the two approaches in terms of assessment of normal/abnormal behavior.
Behavior Change: Compare and contrast the two approaches on how behavior change is facilitated.
Techniques: Compare and contrast the two approaches in terms of the types of techniques used.
Strengths and Shortcomings: discuss the strengths and shortcomings of the two approaches
Conclusion: End the paper with a brief summary of what you discussed in previous sections. In the previous sections, your writing should be based on what you researched in books and articles (cite your sources). In the conclusion, you can add a personal opinion. For example, you can discuss which theory you favor, which you have the most experience with, or which you wish to devote more time reading about when you finish this course. You can also discuss how learning about these theories has contributed to your overall training as a counselor, etc… These should be your concluding thoughts. Whatever they may be.

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