Consolidation of Technology Resources

Paper instructions:
You will choose four separate websites; two from a city and/or county, either one must be in the U.S., and have a population of approx. 150,000 or more; and two from a State in the U.S. You will review each of the four websites and write a critique from 4 to 8 pages total. Among the things you will be looking for is security/privacy policies, usability, content, service, citizen and social engagement, and overall similarities and/or differences between the two. You should also list the likes and dislikes from your vantage point. Please do this individually to ensure the integrity of the research process. You should be referring to the assigned readings for guidance.

Also, include a cover page along with an overall written narrative not to exceed two pages with your thoughts and observations. For example, what surprised you, what was missing? Number all pages of your assignment.

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