Company analysis-Company Apple Inc

Paper instructions:
In-depth case study based on the legal and ethical principles discussed in the class as applied to an actual company

Company : Apple

Each essay would be need an analysis of each issue/principle that should be at least 750 words (a total of at least 1,500 words for each one) then the last essay is a compilation of all previous essays in the series.

Essay 1 of 5 – if interested in complete series let me know:

Analyze the company based on the legal principles discussed in Chapters 3 and 4, considering the non-exhaustive list of general topics discussed in the Portfolio Task instructions and also in the Syllabus. You are expected to develop concepts you feel are important to the issue/principle being discussed and examine them in the context of your subject company. Remember that the analysis of each issue/principle should be at least 750 words (a total of at least 1,500 words for this assignment), and that the analysis should be completely factual – your opinion on the company’s practices will be addressed in the evaluation portion of the final paper.

Chapter 2 (The Duty of Loyalty: Whistleblowing): Has the company experienced any situations in which an employee has exposed illegal or unethical conduct in its operations? Does the company have a policy on whistleblowing by its employees?

Chapter 3 (Privacy and Technology): Does the company monitor employee’s e-mail and telephone calls? Can an employee be dismissed for statements in this manner? Has the company been sued on these grounds?

Chapter 4 (Valuing Diversity: Stereotyping vs. Inclusion): Does the company employ affirmative action as a hiring strategy? What policies does the company use to promote a diverse workforce? Has the company been sued for alleged discrimination?

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