Paper instructions:
Please respond to all the following questions in as many words as necessary to answer the question completely.
1. What are the advantages of a CCD camera vs. a tube camera?
2. What is Pan and Scan?
3. What is the significance of 100 IRE and name two ways it can be measured?
4. What are Butterfly, Rembrandt and Half Lighting?
5. How are Kino Flos different from regular fluorescent lights?
6. What is Depth of Field and how does Aperture, Lens and Image Capture size affect it?

Answers that come from other sources (such as google and wikipedia) are not acceptable, even if they are “technically” correct.

You have to use mix several references I attached here, but please, please, please use your own words when writing it.

Do not directly copy from these reference sources I attached.
You have to use your own words through this references I attached.
Do not directly copy from some other source (previous tests, papers, articles, Wikipedia, etc.).

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