China’s Economy

Project Proposal
ECON Group Projects

Due Date:

 Explain and Motivate Your Project

Explain your project and motivate interest in the project. Explain how it relates to ourEcon class. In sum, explain what you are doing and why it will be interesting. Then a thesis or pseudo-thesis statement. (One to Two paragraphs)

 Sources (at least 3)

Where did you come up with your topic? Report valid information sources to back up your above explanation of the topic legitimacy and relation to economics. Did you see it in some add on Google, in the textbook, on Facebook, an article in the New York Times, or even some scholarly journal? If you look something up on Wikipedia, scroll down the page to verify their information sources and use that as a source instead of the wiki.

Think through your project carefully, and write in an interesting and clear manner.


Our group will examine Koalas as they are dastardly cute yet there is much unknown about them. They are primates or something like that and hang out in trees. A sentence or two more about why this topic is interesting and perhaps some statement of further investigation or a general plan going forwards, e.g.: we plan to see how the interaction of Koalas and Kangaroos affect changes in market demand and supply, or affect some change in the type of industry.

They are related to our economics course because…. Um, some valid reason. The Economist magazine provides this or that kind of relationship to economics. The New York times article says this and that. Ansrticle in the Associated press gives this information.

1. “Koalas &Yadayada.” TheFakeEconomist, 02/30/1977.
2. “Kangaroos &Koalos.” The Not York times, 08/11/2011.
3. “Climate change and Koalas.” Associated Press, 11/22/2017.  
Project Outline
ECON Group Projects

Due Date: __ ____ Worth 15 Points

 Title Page

Include a title page which includes the title of your project, an interesting “picture or drawing” to promote interest in your project, a list of the group members (denote the group leader), our course name, and the date. Include the title page in your word document as one report. Create an interesting, motivating title.

 Explanation and Motivation for Your Project

Update this section for any comments I made on your proposal and for any rethinking you have done on your project. Previously broad topics should be more narrowly defined.

 Specify Topic Theme and Create General Outline for the Presentation/Paper

 Organize Sources into the Outlined Sections

Work together as a group and have the group members proofread and edit the paper. Your group leader will make an appointment to meet with me to discuss the topics’ progress. By this time, your project will be explicitly defined. Each group will submit an outline with an introductory paragraph and references. This will have greater detail than the proposal and aims towards the final paper and presentation.

I. Intro
a. why we do this etc.
b. how we’re breaking down our topic into sections
c. thesis or pseudo thesis
i. sources, if any in this section
II. Subtopic 1
a. Yada yada
i. sources
b. Yada yada and yada
i. sources
III. … etc. as from II.
IV. … etc. as from II.
V. Conclusion
a. Restatement of intro to some slight degree, but more focusing on what you found, perhaps most interesting bit; if you have a thesis, did you find evidence to support, etc.

Project Presentation
ECON Group Projects

Due Date: Worth 30 Points

Your presentation should follow the below general outline (essentially an expanded version of the Outline part).

 Title Page
Catchy topic title, authors, background picture related to you topic?

 Introduction/Motivation/Thesis/Pseudo-Thesis
What is your topic? Why should the rest of us be interested in what you’re presenting (eg, why did your group find it interesting)? Include relation to microeconomics in broad terms.

 Subject Details
Go into more about your topic. Cite sources if you need to reinforce any particular points.

 Conclusion
Sum up your topic. Discuss implications stemming from your topic.

Work together as a group and have the group members proofread and edit the presentation. Each group will select AT MOST 1-2 members to present their topic to the class. Presentations will be 10 minutes with time allowed for questions. Graphs, tables, numerical data can be especially informative when trying to make a point.


Project Paper
ECON Group Projects

Due Date: Worth 40 Points

Write as a paper (typed) containing the sections detailed below. Direct the level of your paper to a fellow principles of economics student. Your paper should generally follow your presentation. Cite information sources within the paper (make footnotes). Graphs, tables, numerical data can be especially informative when trying to make a point.

Produce a quality paper. Work together as a group and HAVE THE GROUP MEMBERS PROOFREAD AND EDIT THE PAPER. The paper should be as long as it needs to be to cover your topic: at least 6 pages (title page and reference page NOT included), 1.5 line spaced, normal margins/fonts(Times New Roman)/font sizes (12pt), and must be MS Word format.

 Revise, add meat to the presentation – did any questions during your presentation trigger thoughts for additional analysis, for example?

 Further Research (should go into your conclusion)
If you could start over, what would you modify to improve your project? Be specific and indicate why it would improve the project? Alternatively, what further analysis would you like to do with your existing project — what additional things would you like to examine?

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