Child Development

Paper instructions:
Please proceed to the online magazine Psychology Today through the link below. At the top of the website are several tabs. Choose the “Topic” tab and click on a topic that interests you. You may pick any article you wish. My hope is that you are able to find something that is relevant to your life or career and that the material from this course will help you understand it better. This is a great website with easy to read articles that are both professional and up-to-date. You will choose an article to read and summarize. To cover the information fully, the essay needs to be between 900 and 1200 words (or 2-3 pages double spaced)

As always, you should cite all of your sources. This essay must include at least 3 sources, more if you need. One of those sources must be the article. You are free to choose your other 2 sources. One good options might be a textbook or DSM. Please try to limit the number of websites and try to ensure their credibility.

Introductory paragraph. This should include a brief (one sentence) description of the article. In this description you should include the name of the publication, name of the article, and main author. Don’t forget to include the in-text citation. Then pick one item discussed in your essay that you would like to feature as the main theme. It would be easier if you wrote this section last. (200-300 words)

Summary paragraph(s). This should summarize the article. Please do not use any direct quotes. I would like you to paraphrase all the information. Remember, every sentence in this paragraph comes from the article and therefore needs to be tied to an in-text citation. I expect at least 3 in-text citations throughout this paragraph(s). (300-400 words)

Reflection paragraphs. This should integrate the information from the article with what you learned in this course. What module and/or topic from this course does the article relate to? What additional information did you learn about this topic that goes beyond our discussions in this course? Include at least one term and definition from this course that relates to the article. Remember, if you didn’t develop the idea yourself, it needs an in-text citation. At this stage of your education, you really aren’t producing too many independent ideas. For example, if your article is about learning, while you now understanding the developmental differences associated with learning, you didn’t develop these ideas yourself. You would need to cite a source to indicate where you read about Piaget or Pavlov. Finally, how does the information in this article enhance your life, career path, attitude, etc. Each of you are reading different articles, so this will be different for everyone. (400-500 words)

Excellent papers earn 70 points and will have:

followed instructions regarding page number
gathered the correct number of sources
ensured that sources are credible
included title page
included reference page
included in-text citations for all facts
not plagiarized information
used a mixture of sentence structure
organized their paper so that it is easily readable.


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