briefly respond to each of these questions in three or four sentences.

1) According to Burbank and Cooper, how did the U.S. and the Soviet Union differ in their conceptions of the post-WWII world?  How did this difference play out in a variety of postwar conflicts?  Discuss at least one.   

2) Choose two primary sources from under “The Postwar World” header and read them closely. See “sources for number 2).  What do these sources say about how others (not the U.S. or Soviet Union) envisioned the post-WWII world and/or the end of imperialism?  

3) After the war, how did the European powers (namely Britain and France) double-down on imperialism as movements grew to oppose them?  What tactics did they use?  What motivated these European powers to hold on to their empires?  

4) In your opinion, do you think we live in a postcolonial and/or postimperial world?  If so, why?  If not, how do they live on?  Be specific and provide examples.   

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