Aviation Maintenance Errors

Aviation Maintenance Errors
In the aviation field, aviation maintenance is one of the best-managed practices when compared to other aspects. It is also one of the best managed across other industries as well. The FAA closely monitors aviation maintenance practices, but that doesn’t mean that they are error free. Human error is one of the most common problems found in aviation maintenance. Within this area there are many fail safes that are put into place but human errors still occur. In this paper multiple topics will be discussed. The categorization of human errors, precautionary measures taken to prevent errors, and safety protocols are a few of the main topics. By reviewing each main topic it will be shown how human errors in aviation maintenance are prevalent and what measures are being taken to prevent it.
I. Factors contributing to maintenance errors
Human factors, management factors, and structure factors are the most common factors that contribute to errors during the maintenance of aircraft.
II. Accidents caused by human errors in maintenance
There are many aircraft accidents that can be attributed to maintenance errors.
III. Precautionary measures
There are numerous precautions that could be employed by airlines to reduce errors during maintenance and therefore reduce aircraft crashes.
IV. Safety protocols Assisting in Aviation Maintenance
The international Civil Aviation Organization, a UN agency that establishes and implements safety and quality standards (SMS) across the world, requires that it’s close to 200 member states develop and maintain safety management system programs.
V. Conclusion
The aviation industry may have undergone numerous changes that have made it to be considered as the safest transport industry but the industry is still struggling with accidents that result from maintenance errors.

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