Paper instructions:
supervisor comments on chapter 4 and 5

There is some good material in Ch4 establishing the variety and extent of the trading relationship between the two countries and there are some interesting ideas in Ch5. You can build upon these to good effect. However,

Ch 4 needs to offer greater clarity and to go further in terms of analysis and discussion. Clarity – it is not always clear enough what your data truly represents e.g. what does the Import-Export similarity index measure and mean? Often you are referring to ECOWAS but sometimes the individual country – you need to ensure the context is clear. You give figures mainly in the Nigerian currency – it would be helpful to give an equivalent US dollar figure (at least once to facilitate comparisons) to enable the value to be assessed i.e. if $1 is worth 316.5 naira, then that puts billions of naira into context – it’s not as much as it first sounds.
Analysis – mainly you present data in tables and provide brief, simple comment. It would be better to present less data, focusing upon the key data, but provide more interpretation and comment.
Discussion – after your interpretation and comment, you need a discussion which brings in the earlier theory from Ch2.

Ch5 – it is not obvious where the foundation of earlier discussion is for some of your recommendations. You need clear cross-referencing to where such conclusions etc. come from i.e. what earlier discussion provides the foundations for them. This might mean that you need to go back and insert this discussion e.g. on institutions and on reducing corruption etc. As it stands, this chapter is very brief and requires further elaboration but, more importantly, it needs this foundation in the earlier discussion.

I will also like you to reduce the word count to atleast 12,500 – 13000 and I will like a table of content, thorough proof reading, paraphrasing and will also like to know my plagirism percentage of the whole project.

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