Article reviews

Paper instructions:
METHODS OF RESEARCH | Article review
The article review The purpose is for students to demonstrate an understanding of research and to give an intelligent assessment of a researcher’s work. You must select one article from the prepared list of research studies below. You must address the research method(s) used, strengths and weaknesses of the study, and whether the study findings support the conclusions made by the author(s). Each student will create a presentation approx. 10-15 slides in length (Use power point, prezi, or any other appropriate media).

The review must contain the following sections:
Each presentation MUST include the following sections (Add sections if necessary):
1. Introduction
• Title of research
• Name of the investigator(s) (Include affiliations…University, department…etc)
• Short bios of the authors/researchers
2. Summary of the research
• Summarize the research including findings (Or expected findings if it’s a proposal)
• Were theories, concepts or hypotheses included?
3. Description of methods
• Type of approach…exploratory, descriptive…etc
• Type of data…qualitative, quantitative?
• Type of sample…was it a random sample?
• What were the units of analysis?
• Were surveys or interviews used?
4. Strengths & weaknesses of the research
• Are the methods appropriate for the type of research questions asked?
• Why is this research important?
5. Conclusion
• Summarize what you learned from the article
• Did you make any additional observations?

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