analysis of Ecuador

paper instructions:
Data Literacy: The basic first task is to fill in the data from your country next to the data for the US. The data sources are indicated in the sources column and information to guide you to the sources is at the bottom left. The purpose of this part of the exercise is to acquaint you with the data bases and give you experience with the problems of using them. Please note the proper units for each data source. Clear communication and understanding requires the use of proper units.

Analysis using data: The second task is to write a clear short essay using the data to compare your country to others in order to get a feel for whether your measures are typical, high or low. You may use data on other countries from chapter 2, regional measures, or some other countries that interest you.
Compare It to the data that you have on the excel. Which is the USA

Example: This example is designed to show you how to write the essay in a short space. You will choose your own base of comparison. Make it interesting for yourself

NOTE: My sources are made up examples to show where citations go. You use the sources appropriate for you. My goal for the essay is:

1. to use the data accurately (with proper units) and for analysis

2. to be sure you know about topic sentences, paragraphs & citations: essential professional writing tools

3. to get you wandering around the world

4. to provide a sense of what is large and small in terms of the data


The country of zalu faces its development challenges from the southern most reaches of the lala region . Zalu, which was colonized from xxx to xxx by the Spanish, is a mountainous country. It is xxx sq kilometers which is about the size of Texas. One of its development opportunities is that, besides mountains, it also has an excellent port on the sea. Zalu has many development problems as will be seen in the following discussion. (Note that all data is 2010 unless otherwise indicated. (CIA World Fact book 2012)

This fairly large country shares some but not all the demographic characteristics of the region. Zalu has a small population for the region of xxxx which gives it a very low population density of xxx ( CIA). In contrast the region or other countries have much larger populations of xxxxx and higher population densities. Furthermore this relatively small population is largely rural with only xx% urbanized, and some xx% working in agriculture .. Another xxx % works in services. (CIA or world bank data tables) Zalu is similar to other countries in the region which also have low rates of urbanization. Region or other countries have xxx% urbanization and xxx% in agriculture. (Todaro chapter 2, CIA or World bank or UNHDR)

Zalu, officially a lower income country, is a relatively poor economic performer on many scales. First, its GNI is relatively small at xxx(PPP) in contrast to the region (xxx $PPP) or other countries (xxx$PPP). ( cia, worldb ank ) Second, its GNI per capita in $ at xxx$ or PPP at xxx $PPP is especially low for the region or other countries . PPP measures are considered better indicator of GNI for developing countries because……. The per capita GNI (PPP) measure for the region or other countries are lower than Zalu’s at xxx $PPP (Todaro or CIA or World Bank or other source). One reason Zalu’s GNI per capita is so low is because Zalu’s agricultural productivity is low, as indicated by the fact that the % of Zalu GDP in agriculture (xx%) ………… % of employment in agriculture (xxx%).

Additionally, the human development index (HDI) which measures …… is relatively low for Zalu compared to the region or other countries at xxx( CIA, World Bank ). In contrast the HDI for region or other countries is xxxx (Todaro or CIA or World Bank) is xxxxx. The gender discrimination index (GDI) for Zalu at xxx is relatively high (for the region or countries,), indicating strong gender discrimination. The GDI for the other countries ranged from xx to xxx) Hence the adjusted HDI for Zalu at xxx was even lower than those for the region or countries which ranged from xxx to xxx). Finally, the GDP minus HDI rank for Zalu is negative while those for the foregoing countries was positive. This means that in Zalu, in contrast to the other countries,……


Zalu is both typical of and different from the countries its region. It is typical in being rural and agriculturally dependent. However, it is a relatively low income country in both the region and the world based on its income, HDI and agricultural productivity measures. Furthermore, it has a relatively high rate of gender discrimination, and Zalu apparently does not devote the resources it has to human development as much as other countries do. On the optimistic side we can say that Zalu has many opportunities for improvement, including

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