Analysis of Frederick Douglass – The Reasons for Our Troubles

Paper instructions:
Introduction (1-2 paragraphs): Identify the document and provide the context for its creation. You may consult outside sources for this section only, if necessary.

Full title of the document

Type of source (letter, law code, newspaper article, speech, etc.)

Author (including relevant biographical information)

Date and place of creation

Description and Summary (1-2 paragraphs): Write a concise yet complete summary of all major points in the document. This is simply a summary; do not offer any opinions or explanations here.

Analysis (2-3 paragraphs): Provide your interpretation of the document. Use the following questions as starting points, using quotations from the document to support your analysis:

Who was the real or potential audience for this document?

What real or potential biases are on display in this document?

What is missing from this source that you think is noteworthy? What could the author have included but didn’t? What should the author have included but didn’t?

What was the author’s goal in writing this? How successful was the author in achieving those goals? Was the author’s argument effective?

In addition to the main subject, what other kinds of information can be obtained from the source? What can we infer?

How does this source demonstrate change over time?

Significance (1-2 paragraphs)
Why is this document important to us today?

What does this source tell us about broader trends in American history?

Conclusion (1 paragraph)
What are the two or three most important takeaways from this document?

Formatting: Your essay must be typed and properly formatted (12-pt, Times New Roman font; 1-inch margins; double spacing). Cite all sources using parenthetical references with author’s last name and page number: (Douglass, 25). List all additional sources (other than the assigned texts) in a bibliogr

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