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Mid-Term Essay

Assignment Details
Description: For your first essay, I would like you to wade into the complex discussion that is central to the Invisibilia podcast: what exactly are these invisible forces like ideas, beliefs, and assumptions, and how to they influence our lives and behavior? Firstly, you will be required to construct a working definition for ONE of the concepts discussed in the three podcasts we have listened to thus far: Expectation, Frame of Reference, or Personality. Then, using the podcast and your own personal experiences, you will create an extended definition for your chosen Invisibilia concept. So, use the following steps to help guide you through your ENC1102 mid-term essay:

• Consult an online dictionary or encyclopedia to define the concept of your choice: “Expectation,” Frame of Reference,” or “Personality.”
• Then, select ONE example from the podcast that shows your concept at work. Take the time to explain, in detail, to your reader how the example you have selected shows the concept (i.e., expectation, frame of reference, or personality) at work.
• Once you have done this, provide a specific example from your own life that shows the impact of expectation, frame of reference, or personality in your world. Note: While you may be able to use the same example as one of the podcasts, I would strongly recommend that you choose a completely difference experience to incorporate in your essay.
• Lastly, what lesson have you or could your readers learn by examining the impact of this intangible concept on your life? In other words, how might you want or try to change your behavior now that you know how expectation, frame of reference, or personality influences you?

IMPORTANT: Whenever you incorporate words or ideas from outside sources (whether on television, online, from a book, etc.) in your own writing, you must give credit by citing those sources. Remember that this includes definitions and information from dictionaries and encyclopedias

Preparation: You should have listened to the Invisibilia podcasts “How to Become Batman,” “Frame of Reference,” and “The Personality Myth,” to help you to .

Assessment: Your grade will derive from your ability to argue a clear thesis, to support that thesis with specific details and quotations taken from the podcast episodes, and to organize your thoughts in a way that helps your reader clearly understand your argument. Excellent papers will contain originality and demonstrate critical thought.

Peer Reviews: When you bring in your typed rough draft on Thursday, July 13th, you will trade your essay with a classmate so that you can both read each other’s work and provide helpful, constructive criticism to one another. In addition, I will provide each of you with a worksheet to help guide you through the peer review process. Once you and your classmate have finished, you will trade back your essays so that you can each utilize the comments when revising for your final draft.

If you are unable to attend class on the day set aside for peer reviews, it is your responsibility to “make up” the peer review by contacting a classmate willing to review your essay outside of class. You will not receive credit if a friend or family member reviews your paper. Also, keep in mind that even if you are absent for a peer review, you are still responsible for turning in your final draft on time. Papers turned in without being peer reviewed will be docked a full letter grade.

Requirements: You should submit an essay 3-4 full pages in length, typed and double-spaced with a corresponding work cited page for any quotations or information taken from outside sources (including the Invisibilia podcast). Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines.

Due Dates: Rough drafts are due in class on Tuesday 11

The final draft of your essay must be uploaded online through the “Assignments” section of your BCOnline/D2L page, and the peer-reviewed rough draft and peer review worksheet are due in-class all stapled or fastened together with a paper clip).

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