1.) The phenomenon of empires was new during the 1st Millennium BCE, what were the political and geographical motives for empires to build road systems? Tignor, Current Trends in World History: Building Roads, pp. 216-217, is of use for this question 

2.)  What is the historical significance of Hellenism and Buddhism? It is interesting to note that Buddhism and Hellenism expanded and had such a level of influence – why was this the case? 

3.)   How did the Han Dynasty use Confucian Philosophy to legitimize their rule and create a solid foundation for subsequent dynasties? 

4.) Explain the relations between the Xiongnu, the Yuezhi and the Han Dynasty. 

5.)   What were the historical reasons for the emergence of Judaism and Christianity? 

6.)  What was the connection between the Roman and Byzantine Empires?

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