1-3. 250 Words/ Two Sources Each, APA Format

*Document your sources using the APA format

* at least two(2) scholarly sources

#1 ) Most commentators agree that the chief message Jesus Christ came to preach is the Kingdom of God. Accordingly, many of the parables told by Jesus had to do with the Kingdom of God.

Please find a list of the parables of the Kingdom of God.

When you have done this, identify one parable that, in your judgment, has the most to teach our nation as we continue to struggle with the Coronavirus.

Second, identify one parable that best represents any or all of these following factors:

–career aspirations

–progress in school

–religious commitments

–ethical ideals

#2 ) We all know the four canonical gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

Additionally, there are several non-canonical gospels, for example The Gospel of Peter or The Gospel of Thomas.

Choose one of these non-canonical gospels and mention one point where this gospel agrees with something Jesus said or did in one of the canonical gospels.

Then, relate one point of difference, where the non-canonical gospel diverges with the canonical.

Would you be in favor of adding one or more of these non-canonical gospels to the New Testament?

#3 ) The Gospel of John is well known for utilizing a collection of miracles called The Book of Signs.

Which one of these several signs is your favorite? Why?

Do you think a serious reckoning with one of these seven signs might change someone from a skeptic/agnostic/atheist to the confession of faith found in John 20:31, namely, the acknowledgement that “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God”?

Why or why not?

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