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As stated in the lecture, there is not a universal template for an argumentative prospectus. However, for a student in a composition course, a little guidance is often necessary. Feel free to use the following template to develop your prospectus.
For the purposes of this assignment, you do not have to think of the prospectus as an essay. You may choose to write the prospectus as one would a business proposal, with a heading to mark each section of discussion.

ENGL 1302
Title of Prospectus

Primary Claim (Thesis statement for your argument):
Simply state your tentative thesis statement.

State why this claim is relevant to your audience. Use the key vocabulary terms of the rhetorical situation. Refer to Chapter Two of Perspectives on Argument as needed.

Relevant Research:
List the primary research, such as expert testimonies, relevant data, and anecdotes, you plan to use to support your primary claim.
List the counter arguments you will need to address as well.

Create an outline. In addition discuss how you plan to present your argument.

Note to class: This is an important assignment in the final preparation stages for your project paper. Do not take it lightly! The section entitled ‘Strategy’ should be lengthy and include a workable outline. Remember that this assignment has a point value of 37.5.

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