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  • 1. Provide your personal definition of cultural competence.
  • 2. Explain how this is similar or different to the Kirst-Ashman and Hull textbook describe cultural competence.
  • 3. Explain the skills you think are necessary for developing cultural competence as a social worker when working with Eboni. *Be sure to Reference at least one peer-reviewed article that supports the skills you selected and include an APA citation and reference for that article
  •  4. Describe 2 potential barriers to culturally competent practice a social worker might face when working with Eboni.
  • 5.  Recommend 2 skills your colleague might ...

Discuss the importance of having scheduled "check-ins" or "checkpoints" to monitor and assess a mentee's progress. Why is consistent follow-up critical to a mentee's success?

Write a one-paragraph response to the following discussion question. Responses should not just be a summary of information from the book but also include your thoughts/understandings of the topic.How and why did industrialization challenge the traditions of labor in the United States?Base in reading. No outside resourseWrite a one-paragraph response to the following discussion question. Responses should not just be a summary of information from the book but also include your thoughts/understandings of the topic.How and why did industrialization challenge the traditions of labor in the United States?Base in reading. No outside resourse
Instructions by instructor>>>>> In Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi chronicles the lineage of two sides of one family and how the Transatlantic Slave Trade impacted each branch of the family. This book gives us a fictional window into the development of the African Diaspora. In a 4 to 6 page paper, elaborate on the significance of two (2) formative eras of the African Diaspora as featured in the book (i.e. the Transatlantic Slave Trade, slavery, the perils of the Fugitive Slave Act/difficulties of being a runaway, the prison industrial complex, the Civil Rights movement, anti-colonial movements, etc.) Discuss their impact on people of African ...
This a five paragraph essay question. Make sure to form good strong paragraphs, a well-argued thesis, well written topic sentences that explain where the essay is going, and a strong concluding paragraph  that sums up the essay. You will need to provide 6 specific pieces of evidence in your essay. PLEASE UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS! 1. Do the Constitutional compromises over slavery seem balanced—that is, were the interests of both regions reasonably protected?2.  In what ways did America’s development of a democratic culture influence itsinstitutions and spirit of reform?3.  How did developments in technology, agriculture and commerce spur numerous and wide- ranging ...
In this discussion, you will consider how historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic. Select one of the secondary source articles from your research. After reading that article, write a discussion post about which of the following lenses you believe the article is using: social, political, economic, or other. Use at least two quotes from your source to justify your choice of lens. Your post title should also indicate which topic you have selected.
  • After selecting a historical topic to research further, the next step in the research process is to create a research plan that compiles primary and secondary sources.
  • First, applying what you just learned about narrowing research questions, revise your research questions from your Topic Exploration Worksheet.
  • Explain how you approached revising your research questions to assist your instructor in understanding your approach. This will help you draft an introduction to a hypothetical research paper with a strong thesis statement.
  • Finally, applying what you have learned about comparing primary sources and analyzing secondary sources, do a deeper dive into the ...
1. Consider the three top bands of British blues-based rock in the early 70’s, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. What distinguishes them from each other? Are there any similarities? Which is the most influential in your estimation? 2. “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin is based on a riff. What is the song form and how does this dissection help analyze how the song is performed? What role does the vocal play in contrast to the instrumentation?3. Yes incorporate numerous aspects of the hippie aesthetic. Using “Roundabout”, list facets of the criteria found that exemplify this. Elaborate on these.4. ...
IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, OPEN THIS PAGE AGAIN AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS.SET 2019:1. The author of 2 John and 3 John calls himself2. According to 2 Peter, Christians are given everything needed for “life and godliness” by the grace of God.3. One reason that Paul may have authored Hebrews is that both Hebrews and 2 Corinthians discuss the new covenant.4. In 1 John, John remind his audience what they already know, namely that they have a relationship with God.5. James warns believers about6. Jude wants believers to contend actively and aggressively for the fundamentals of the ...
Make 2 to 3 sentences of each I.D's and make sure to use the word significant/significance at least once on the sentence. Make sure your answer explains who or what the ID was, why it is significant to the history of the US including what events caused it and what events it caused, and be able to situate it in the proper historical period. Frederick DouglassMason-Dixon LineSolomon NorthrupUnderground RailroadThe AmistadDenmark VesseyNat Turner“Moral Suasion”Utopian CommunitiesThe ShakersJohn Humphey NoyesThe OwenitesSecond Great AwakeningAmerican Temperance SocietyHorace MannAmerican Colonization SocietyDavid Walker’s An AppealWilliam Lloyd Garrison’sThe Liberator“Wage Slavery”Harriet Beecher StoweUncle Tom’s CabinThe Grimke SistersElijah LovejoyGag RuleDorothea DixElizabeth ...
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